25 Graines Erable champêtre, Acer campestre

25 Graines Erable champêtre, Acer campestre

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Champêtre Country, Acer Campestre |

TheChampionship (Acer Campestre) is a tree of Genre Acer belonging to the Family of Aceraced (Sapindaceae APG III). It is classified in the section Platanoidea of Classification of maples.

25 Seeds  Medium germination: 40 % -  very rustic, Sowing: Hot stratification for 30 days followed cold stratification for 120 days.

It is a tree up to 101 meters with pale gray, cracked gray bark, with small simple deciduous leaves with several rounded lobes, with greenish flowers appearing before the leaves. Its lifespan can reach 150 years. The fruits are Samares Double (Disamares) with horizontal wings. It is common throughoutEurope from the south of Sweden. It is the only native maple in the south ofEngland and it is naturalized in Ireland. The branches of young trees often have a particularly ribbed, insulating, fluted and capacity bark capable of making perches for the laying gallinaceae, hence the popular name of pool wood.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Country maple from Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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