5 Graines Courge écarlate, Courge de lierre, Coccinia grandis

5 Graines Courge écarlate, Courge de lierre, Coccinia grandis

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Scarlet squash, ivy squash, coccinia grandis |

Coccinia grandis , the Courge de Lierre , also known as the Scarlet squash , Tindora and Fruit de Kowai ,is a tropical vine . It grows mainly in tropical climates and is commonly found in the Indian states, where it is part of local cuisine. Coccinia Grandis cook as a vegetableIn Southeast Asia , it is cultivated for its young shoots edible and its edible fruits.

5 seeds

In traditional medicine, fruits have been used to treat leprosy, fever, asthma, bronchitis and jaundice. The fruit has a potential for stabilization of mastocytes , Anti - Anaphylactic and Antihistamine . [9] In Bangladesh, the roots are used to treat osteoarthritis and joint pain. A leaf paste applies to the skin to treat the scabies .  [dix]

Lier squash extracts and other forms of the plant can be purchased online and in natural food stores. These products are supposed to help regulate blood sugar. Some research maintains that the compounds of the plant inhibit glucose-6-phosphatase . [11] Glucose-6-phosphatase is one of the main liver enzymes involved in the regulation of sugar metabolism. Consequently, the ivy squash is sometimes recommended for patients diabetics. Although these statements have not been supported, many research on the medicinal properties of this plant focuses on its use as as an antioxidant , Antihypoglycemic agent , immune system modulator, etc. [ citation nécessaire ]Some Asian countries, such as Thailand, prepare traditional tonic drinks for medicinal purposes.

They are better when cooked and are often compared to the bitter melon. The fruit is commonly consumed in Indian cuisine . The inhabitants of Indonesia and other countries in Southeast Asia also consume fruits and leaves. In American cuisine, Rashmatos are generally cooked and consumed during lunches or work dinners. In Thai cuisine , this is one of the ingredients of the very popular soup of Soup Claire Kaeng Jued Tum LUENG [12] and certain currys Kaeng Khae CURRY and Kaeng LINK CURRY.  [13]

In India, it is consumed as a Curry , by frying it with spices, by stuffing it with Masala and by blowing it up, or making it boil first in A pressure cooker then by frying it. It is also used in Sambar , a soup based on vegetables and lenses. Immature fruit is also used raw, preserving its crunchy texture, to make a quick fresh pickle. Some people cut it into circles or, in a few cases, cut it into small pieces.

The ivy squash is rich in beta-carotene


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