20 Graines Pin nain des montagnes, Pinus mugo subsp. mugo

20 Graines Pin nain des montagnes, Pinus mugo subsp. mugo

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Mountain dwarf pine, lying pine, pinus mugo subsp. mugo |

The Pin Mugo, Pin Mugho, Pin lying, Mountains pine, Pine with hooks (PINUS MUGO Turra, Syn. P. Montana Miller) is a kind of Conifers of the family of Pinaceae and genre Pinus. Distribution Orophyte Center and South European, it presents an important polymorphism that has been the subject of an abundant literature. Mugo pine is frequently used in horticulture.

20 seeds - direct sowing at 16/18 ° C

Variable port and height, polycormic shrub or monocormal tree, reaching 25 meters high. Dark gray bark, finely tangled. Cylindrical, pointed, very resinous bud. Rameau of the brown-greenish, shiny, becoming gray over time. Fasciculated needles by 2, dark green, straight or little arched, 2.5-7.5 cm long. -Yellow-class yellow cone, about 10 MM, grouped densely on the branch of the previous year. Ovoid female cone, 10-12 mm long, alone or grouped by 2 or 3. Cond Subsessile, ovoid-connical, 20-80 mm, brown-yellowish-orange-orange, scales of the more or less swollen, shiny external face2,3. The characteristics of the subspecies are noted in the systematic part.

Pinus Mugo was described in 1764 by Antonio Turra in a floristic study on Mont Baldo in Italy. Since then, many species or varieties have been described, in particular in central Europe where the species is particularly polymorphic. In the late 1980s, more than 130 names and combinations had been proposed.

Author of an important taxonomic revision based on field studies and herbaria, K. I. Christensen3 subdivides the species into three sets :

  • Pinus Mugo Subp. Mugo -prostrate polycormic shrub, with small actinomorphic cones inserted perpendicular to the branch with depressed brown-orange scales, orophyte south-east European center ;
  • Pinus Mugo Subp. UNCINATA (Ramond ex dc.) Domin 1935 (hooks pine)-erect monocormal tree, with large zygomorphic cones inserted obliquely with branch with brown-yellowish scales prominent, orophyte center center and South West European ;
  • Pinus Mugo NOTHOSUBSP. Rotundata (link) Janchen & Neumayer 1942-bringing together plants with morphology and intermediate chorology between the two previous subspecies.

P. Mugo Subp. Mugo is widely used in horticulture because of its weak growth and rusticity. Many cultivars have been selected for horticulture of gardens and ornamental parks. Cultivars P. Mugo 'Mops'24 and 'Pumio' 25 have won several prizes, including theAward of Garden Merit of Royal Horticultural Society. P. Mugo is also used in bonsai.
ontuted subject to the CC-BY-SA license 3.0. Source : Article Pinus Mugo by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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