Graines Agapanthe bleue d’Afrique, Agapanthus umbellatus Blue

Graines Agapanthe bleue d’Afrique, Agapanthus umbellatus Blue

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Agapanthus Africanus is a plant in the amaryllidaceae family (amaryllidaceae), one of the only ones to represent the genre Agapanthus. This perennial plant is fromSouth Africa. It is recognizable by its blue umbels, visible throughout the summer. It is a herbaceous plant, vivacious, fleshy root rhizomatous3.

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Agapanthus Africanus is a herbaceous and tuberous perennial plant which can reach 1 meter high1,8. Its foliage is persistent. Basilaire, it forms long green leaves in the shape of a tape from 20 to 35 CM long and 1.5 CM wide. These leaves can have up to 2 CM thick. They arise in several tight tufts. This foliage is dark green1,2,9,6,10. Its roots are thick and tuberous. There are also many.

It is often confused with Agapanthus praecox, which has more deciduous foliage and which resists frost, unlike A. Africanus which has a more persistent foliage and which is sensitive to frost. Agapanthus praecox is often used for ornamentation in Europe thanks to this resistance. Moreover, in most nurseries, Agapanthus praecox is sold as Agapanthus Africanus12.

It is a plant that likes a neutral or slightly acidic soil, well drained, slightly damp dry. It prefers sunny areas or in partial shade and does not survive below ° C2,6,3.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Agapanthus Africanus by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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