5 Graines Acacia rose, Robinia hispida Rose, var. fertilis

5 Graines Acacia rose, Robinia hispida Rose, var. fertilis

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Robinia Hispida Rose var. fertilis |

Robinia Hispida , known as Headed Criquet , [1] Rose-Acacia , or Criquet Mousse , is a Arbust The subfamily of the Faboideae of the pea family Fabaceae . He comes from the South -Sest of the United States , [2] and he is present in other regions, including other regions of North America, in both and the introduced species . It is cultivated as an ornamental plant and can escape culture and push in the state

5 Seeds

Photo: stratification with hot water approx. 80 ° C, then leave in water for 48 hours, germination in 7 days in greenhouse at 25-30 ° C days

This deciduous shrub reaches 3 meters high, often with glandular and bristling stems ( Hispides ). The Leaves are Pennées with up to 13 leaflets. Flowers Roses or purposes resembling peas are worn in hanging bunches can reach 5. The fruit is a flat pod.  [3]

There are at least 5 Varieties : [2] [5] [6]

  • Robinia Hispida Var. Fertile - Criquet bristling by Arnot ( Caroline du Nord , Tennessee )
  • Robinia Hispida Var. Hispida - Common thorn offlet (originally endemic from the South of the Appalachians, but now escaped from culture in a large part of the east of the eastern 'North America)
  • Robinia Hispida Var. KELSEYI - Kelsey cricket (North Carolina, sometimes considered as a horticultural variety, sometimes considered as a distinct species)
  • Robinia Hispida Var. Nana - Dwarf cricket (found in the Piedmont and La Plaine Coastière de la Caroline from north to south of Alabama , generally In dry and sandy soils such as those in the region of Sandhills ; sometimes considered as a distinct species like R. Nana )
  • Robinia Hispida Var. Rosea - Criquet de Boynton (Caroline du Nord, Tennessee, Southern Caroline, Georgia, Alabama)


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