1 Graine Glycine du Japon rose, Wisteria floribunda rosea

1 Graine Glycine du Japon rose, Wisteria floribunda rosea

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Pink Japan Glycine, Wisteria Floribunda Rosea |

Pink Japan Glycine, Wisteria Floribunda Rosea

Wisteria Floribunda, Japan glycine, is a species of Plants Localuses of the family of Fabaceae, or legumes. It is a climbing plant native to Japan2,3, commonly cultivated as Ornamental plant for its long clusters of hanging flowers.

Wisteria Floribunda is a Climbing plant Local5 which can exceed 9 meters in height4,3. Its stems are volubiles3 and wrap around their support in the direction of the needles of a watch2,5.

2 Seed - direct sowing at 18/20 ° C

The leaves are deciduous4 and imparipennées3, and have 11 to 19 leaflets2,5 Petiolules 4 to 8 cm long3. These are alternate3, whole5, ovals-elliptics at ovals-oblongues, acuminés and with rounded base3. The stipules, at the base of the leaves, are linear and deciduous5.

The inflorescences are clusters terminal and pendants5 20 to 50 cm long3 (up to 1 meter In variety MacroBottrys3,4) appearing from May to July5, after Bringing of the leaves4. Flowers, flourishing gradually from the base5, are generally weakly fragrant3 and of purplish blue4,5, although certain varieties can produce white or pink flowers3,4.

The fruits are long pods pendants, oblong and leathery3,4, appearing in autumn4 and opening up two dehiscence slots5.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Wisteria Floribunda of Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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