10 Graines Cornouiller sanguin, Cornus sanguinea

10 Graines Cornouiller sanguin, Cornus sanguinea

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Blood shell, female dogwood, blood cornus |

The Blood Cornwall (Cornus Sanguinea L., 1753) is a deciduous shrub of the Cornaceae family. It is sometimes called stinking wood, wood punais, female cornoyiller, Olivier de Normandie, Puègne Blanche, SANGUIN or SANGUINE.

10 seeds- Average germination: 50%- Hot stratification 1 month then cold stratification 5-6 months before sowing 

C. SANGUINEA is a shrub measuring from 1 to 5 M. Houppier that can measure up to 4 M wide. He owes his name to the blood red tint of his leaves at the end of the summer[réf. nécessaire]. The young branches exposed to sunlight also take on a brilliant red color. The bark is greenish brown to greenish gray on the side in the shade, red striated with gray on the side exposed to the sun. This phenomenon is due to the presence of a pigment of the family of Anthocyanas. The buds are opposed.

The shrub is pollinated by Entomogamie, that is to say using pollinating insects1. White flowers, Hermaphrodites2,3, form a Corymbe. The fruit is a Drupe dark purple to black, globular, containing a nucleus. It is not edible, unlike the fruit of the male stinker, dark red and more elongated in shape. It has a port erected in rounded bush. Its leaves are opposite, deciduous, green with silver white margin and spoon -shaped

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Cornwall blood from Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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