10 Graines Épicéa du Japon, Picea jezoensis

10 Graines Épicéa du Japon, Picea jezoensis

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Japan spruce, dark bark spruce, Picea Jezoensis |

Picea Jezoensis (sometimes badly spelling Picea Yezoensis ), the Dark bark spruce , [2] Epinette Ezo , Épinette Yezo , [3] [4] or Epinette Jezo , [5] is a large tree with persistent leaves reaching 30 to 50 m high and with a trunk diameter going up to 2 m. He comes from the North -Sest of Asia , mountains of the center of Japan and Mounts Changbai atBorder China - North Korea, from north to the east of Siberia , including Sikhote -Alin ,Kouriles Islands , Sakhalin and Kamthatka . It is found in the forests temperate rainfall cold but humid, and nowhere its range extends more than 400 km from the Pacific Ocean . The Specific epithet Jezoensis Drift from Ezo , an old name of Hokkaido and other islands north of the Japanese island of Honshu , where the species is located.

10 seeds

The bark is slim and scaly, fissor in old trees. The crown is wide conical. The shoots are brown chamois pale, glabrous (glabrous) but with pulvini prominent. The Leaves are in the shape of needles, 15 to 20 mm long, 2 mm wide, flattened in transverse cut, dark green on it without stomates , and blue -Lanc to white below with two dense strips of stomata.The cones are hanging, slender cylindrical, 4 to 7 cm long and 2 cm wide when closed, opening 3 cm wide. They have thin and flexible scales 12 to 18 mm long. They are green or reddish and mature in pale brown 5 to 6 months after pollination. The Seeds are black, 3 mm long, with a thin pale brown wing 6–8 mm long.


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