2 Graines Palmier nain, Palmier Doum, Chamaerops humilis

2 Graines Palmier nain, Palmier Doum, Chamaerops humilis

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Dwarf palm, doum palm, humilis chamaerops |

The Dwarf palm, Doum Palm or Doum1 or False Palmier Doum (Chamaerops Humilis L .) Is a Palm small, originally from the regions bordering the Mer Mediterranean Western. It is appreciated as ornamental plant.

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This is the only species of the genus Chamaerops (Monotypical genre which owes its name to Greek Chamaï, " Dwarf ", and Rhôps, " Buisson ")2. The other species initially classified in this genus have been reclassified in neighboring genres like TRACHYCARPUS, in particular Chamaerops Fortunei become Trachycarpus FortuneiThe Greeks called Chamaerops Humilis, Phoenix Chamaeriphs, which literally means " Palm thrown on the ground .

This plant is at the origin of the day " Chamerops " which designates the fourteenth day of the month of Floréal in the Republican calendar, the equivalent of 3 May in Gregorian calendarChamaerops is a Cespituse plant ; Several stems are generated on the same foot.

Chamaerops humilis is a species Dioic. It is a dwarf palm, almost acaule in the wild, not exceeding two meters, which can however reach six to eight meters high in culture in its variety Arborescens. It is characterized in particular by its False-Tronc (stipe) Drangeonnant. Its slow growth promotes the appearance of numerous discharges at the origin of its tuft appearance. In Morocco, we find in the cemeteries surrounding the koubas of the specimens with faux-trunc developed, because escaping the grazing of the herds. These specimens are thus protected in fact and can develop.

The leaves, arranged in terminal rosette, are weaved in the shape of a range of 90 CM in diameter. The Petiole, long and hail (up to a meter long), is very thorny. The blade is dissected in 10 to 20 elongated and acute pseudo-folioles, stiff and tough. The leaves are green on the upper side and almost white below. Inflorescence is a SPADICE, surrounded by a short SPATHE (30 CM Long), including many small yellowish, males or males flowers, males or females. It is generally (but not always) a dioecious plant, carrying male flowers and female flowers on separate feet.

The male flowers have 6 to 9 stamens which surmount a fleshy chalice, the female flowers have three carpels fleshy monocarpical.

The fruits similar to dates are Drupes Oblongues of reddish brown color at maturity, of variable length (from 2 to 5 CM), gathered in a cluster. Their pulp is very fibrous and slightly sweet. Very astringent, they are not edible for the native palm trees in Europe. Washed and boiled, this cooking makes the harshness and acidity leave.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA license 3.0. Source : Article Chamaerops Humilis by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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