50 Graines Ortie, Urtica dioica

50 Graines Ortie, Urtica dioica

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Nettle, common nettle, urtica dioica |

The Grande Nettie (Urtica Dioica L.) Still called Dioic Nettie or Common nettle, is a plant Herbaceous, VIVACE, of the family of Urticaceae and of the genre Urtica. It is a species of Eurasian origin that is today present worldwide. Standing, it is also a food plant and used for different agricultural, industrial and medicinal uses. Its flowers are unisexual, carried either by different feet (diecia), or on the same foot (monoécie very rare), which can allow better understanding of the genetic mechanisms of the Sexual separation of plants.

50 Seeds

The leaves and the fruits are edible10 : they can be eaten raw, folded or rolled between the dumpling fingers. Once dry, chopped or cooked, they lose their stinging power. However, it is preferable to consume only young plants, because after flowering the leaves contain abundant mineral concretions, the cystoliths, which can irritate urinary tract. (the leaves can then be prepared in herbal tea)
Young leaves can be eaten raw (chopped in salad, in a Pesto, in butter on Sofa). They then bring a fresh and " green " flavor, which evokes the green bean and cooked the spinach, very different flavor from that of the older leaves, with a stronger taste and which take a smell and a taste of marked fish, with which a " Brandade d'Ortie is prepared18 ". Young nettle leaves are consumed more frequently cooked, in vegetables in many preparations (soups, gratins, quiches, soufflés, pots) like spinach. They are also used in desserts (pie, sorbet)19. Less known, there is also a recipe forSnails Aux Netties and beer d'Ortie20,21. Formerly[Quand ?] considered as a “ poorly dish”, nettle was[Quand ?] in most of the recipes associated with potatoes.

The nettle leaves contain proteins foliaries in good quantity (7.37 g per 100 g of leaves), a large quantity of iron (4.1 MG for 100 G, more than meat) and Zinc.

You can eat such the flowers, females being more tasty because it is more fleshy, or put them in the dishes.

Nettle is cultivated for food purposes and then be sold in BIOfood stores, for example in the form of soup dehydrated.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Grande Nettie by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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