Graines Amélanchier à feuilles ovales, Amelanchier ovalis

Graines Amélanchier à feuilles ovales, Amelanchier ovalis

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Amelanchier ovalis, snowy mespilus |

TheAmélanchier with oval leaves, Amelanchier Ovalis, is a shrub of the family of Rosacea belonging to the genre Amelanchier.

It is also called Amélavier or Amélanquier, in Occitan Amalenca, Amalenquièr (and other variants). Its fruit is then theAmalenta, although the term before the tree for the tree. The French name comes from Occitan, which dates back to Gallic Aballo " Apple " (TLF [archive]) with Germanic diminutive suffix -ing.

15 seeds

In Middle Ages, it was often found in the Jardin des Simples of monasteries, or in the central cloister garden. It was sometimes nicknamed the bird tree.

It is a Arbrisseau 1 to 3 meters in height whose deciduous leaves are oval-Arrondies (Ovalis), and the white-diveteux reverse.

The flowers are white with 5 petals, grouped into small clusters forming a Corymbe. The fruits are globular, black to blue. They are pididions that resemble Bays. Called Amélanches (female name), they are sweet and edible.

In the south of France It is frequent in high Provence limestone above 500 m; in the gorges of Verdon near Castellane ; but also on more southern massifs such as Sainte-Baume. It was seen at 2 100 M in the Hautes-Alpes in theOisans, the Cirque de Gioberney at the bottom of the Valgaudemar. In France, it is found south of a Lorraine line - Atlantic Pyrenees on the limestone and dry hillsides exposed to the south. Preferring Mediterranean and continental climates, it is completely absent from the Western regions.

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