50 Graines Plantain corne de cerf

50 Graines Plantain corne de cerf

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Plantain deer horn, plantago coronopus |

Plantain deer horn, Plantago Coronopus. 

50 seeds

The Plantain Corne-de-Cerf (Plantago Coronopus) still called Pied-Corbeau1 or Plantain Corne-de-Bœuf is a plant in the family of Plantaginaceae.

Its name comes from the shape of its divided leaves like the woods of a deer. The epithet coronopus derives from Greek Koronê, " corneille " and pus, " foot ", the Divisions of the sheet that can evoke, with a little imagination, the fingers of a crow's paw2.

The leaves of the first year are sometimes consumed as vegetable (floods or cooked), this is called " a forgotten vegetable .

Already known to doctors ofAntiquity, the plantain was used as Astringent in metrorrhagia or to simulate Virginity in young people girls who had lost it.

Nowadays, employed as Diuretics. Enter the composition of infusions, ofEmplaâtres against Ulcers, Pustules or insect bites. Can also serve as collutory for Gargarisms, or an effective solution against conjunctivitis.

It is at Tanin and at Pectine of their various organs and in Mucilage of seeds, that plantains owe their medicinal properties, in particular antibacterial : Cares the dysentery and the enteritis diarrheic (in infusions).

The astringent action of the tannin explains the good effects of the plantain in ophthalmology and Healing of varicose ulcers (application of the leaves soaked in boiled water). We say the useful plantain against theAcne, in cream. Against Laryngites, Pharyngitis and Tracheitis in decoction.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Plantain Corne-de-Cerf by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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