30 Graines Moricandie des champs, Moricandia arvensis

30 Graines Moricandie des champs, Moricandia arvensis

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Moricandie des fields, Moricandia Arvensis |

MORICANDIA ARVENSIS, which has a common name Moricandie des Champs, Moricandie or Chou des Champs1, is a European species and African de Plant of Family of Brassicaceae and Genre MORICANDIA.

30 Seeds

Chamaephyte very branched from the base, it amounts to 65 CM. The stems are erected, branched and woody at the base. The glaucous, basilar leaves do not form a clear rosette, they are obovals, at the top of the obtuse, at the base more or less cordiform ; Caulinary leaves range from large, wide, with an acute obtus summit2The plant flowers from March to July. The flowers are grouped in a cluster of 10 to 20 flowers, with the non -flexue axis. The chalice has four average, linear, oblong and obtuse sepales. The side sepales are oblong-lanceolate, gibbous at the base. The corolla has 4 petals from 21 to 29 MM, lilac color, more rarely white.The silica is linear, from 30 to 60 MM of length and a width of 2 to 3 MM, right, erect, side tablet, remaining more or less perpendicular at the stem. The seeds measure almost 1.2 × 0.8 MM, are kissed, ellipsoidales, flattened, apteries and brown. It is a bioinder of poor, dry and nitrified soils. It is also a honey plant. It is rarely consumed by man in salad3, the herds feed on it4Moricandia attracts a large number of aphids throughout the year without harming the plant too much.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA license 3.0. Source : Article MORICANDIA ARVENSIS by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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