30 Graines Campanule Chinoise blanche

30 Graines Campanule Chinoise blanche

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White Chinese Campanule, Platycodon Grandiflorus White |

 Playycodon, Platycodon grandiflorus, also called Campanule with large flowers or Kikyô (キキョウ, Kikyō?) In Japanese, is a species of herbaceous plants perennials, originally fromextreme-corient (Siberie, Peninsula Korean, Japan, China du Nord). This is the only species currently recognized in the genus Platycodon.

This plant is the symbol of the Japanese cities ofIchinomiya andISEHARA.

30 seeds - Medium germination: 80%

Plant Hemicryptophyte, it measures 20 CM at 100 CM (most often about 50 CM).

Its foliage is deciduous. Its leaves are oval.

It flowers throughout the summer. The floral buttons swell in balloons before opening, hence the English name of " Balloon Flower " or German of "Ballonblume" (" Fleur Ballon "). Its flowers in blue or white bells4 measure 5 CM and are composed of 5 Petal Pentagonal strongly veined.

The stems disappear completely in winter, but the root resists frost and emits new stems in the middle of spring.

It is a plant that grows (among others) in open environments of prairial types5.

Playcodon is widely cultivated as an ornamental plant. The root is used in Chinese medicine.

The root, mixed with spices, is traditionally consumed in Korea. The shoots are also sometimes consumed6.

This plant must be planted (sun or partial shade), in a drained, fresh, humus, rather rich, even limestone soil, in spring or fall. You have to choose its location, because it does not like to be moved.

For multiplication, sowing (2 to 3 weeks for lifting) or division in the spring every three years.

Cutting faded flowers, dividing every 3-4 years, requires light tutory. Very easy crop plant, but beware it starts late in the season, so it is better to mark its location in autumn so as not to damage it during spring works.


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