30 Graines Laurier-rose, Nerium oleander

30 Graines Laurier-rose, Nerium oleander

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Laurel-Rose, Nerium Oleander Mixture |

Pink laurel, Nerium oleander Colors in mixture White, pink, red, toxic plant

30 seeds - Average germination  : 70 % - in 20 - 30 days

The Laurier-Rose (Nerium Oleander) is a species ofshrubs or small trees of the Family of Apocynaceae. This species is present on the two banks of the Mediterranean Sea but more sparse on the north shore. This is the only species of the genus Nerium. This plant is sometimes called Oléandre and more rarely Rosage, Néion or Lauraine1.

Very widespread ornamental tree in the Mediterranean, practical because it is resistant to drought and size, it forms hedges and thumbs in the gardens of individuals, in parks or near public buildings.

All parts of the plant containOléandrine, a cardiotonic heteroside, whose ingestion is fatal at low dose ; Indeed, some leaves can kill an adult2,3. The poisoning is very resistant to treatments4 and is severe : serious cardiac disorders, vomiting, abdominal pain, and died by cardio-circulating5,6,7. Other glycosides are also present in small quantities.

Laurier-Rose is a shrub about 2 m in height but it can measure more than 4 m high if it is formed in a tree. The leaves are persistent, rather tough, elongated and fusiforms, the laurel leaves are verticed (that is to say inserted at the same level, in groups of 3, in a circle around the stems) or opposite on the branches. 5 to 20 cm long, they are tough, brilliant dark green on top and pale green and dull color on the bottom1.

The flowers are grouped in terminal cymes on the branches and in the shape of a trumpet, the bay flowers consist of 5 petals. They can be simple (1x5 petals), double (2x5 petals) or triple (3x5 petals). Depending on the variety, their color varies from white, yellow, orange, salmon, red to various shades of pink. They sometimes give off a pleasant perfume. Flowering takes place from the end of spring (May-June) in the fall (September-October)1.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Laurier-Rose by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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