50 Graines Millepertuis, Hypericum Perforatum

50 Graines Millepertuis, Hypericum Perforatum

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Millepertuis perforated, thousand feet officinal, hypericum perforatum |

Millepertuis, hypericum perforatum.

50 seeds - Average germination: 50%

The thousand perforated, Millepertuis Common or Millepertuis Officinal (Hypericum Perforatum L.) is a Herbaceous plant Vivace of the family of Clusiacae According to Classic classification (or hypericaceous according to Phylogenetic classification).

The transparent secretory pockets present on the Limbe elongated leaves give the impression of multiple perforations, particularity at the origin of the name of Millepertuis which means A thousand holes.

Among all the species of Millepertuis forming gender Hypericum, the designation without epithet of Millepertuis generally designates Thousand Perforated.

Used in medicine and widely popularized for its antidepressant effects, the plant bears many nicknames, the most famous of which is that ofGrass of Saint-Jean.

Millepertuis contains an essential oil which is extracted by hydrodistillation of flowering tops or maceration in another oil to form the oil of a thousandpertuis, also called Cantarion oil. It is a pharmaceutical preparation used since antiquity for its anti-traumatic properties, Hemostatic, healing and anti-inflammatory non-steroid.[réf. nécessaire]

The plant is attributed vulnerary properties : it is an emollient and a softener for the skin (in external and immediate use). The whole plant, flowers or leaves are used in skin treatment for their soothing properties, but they can cause Photosensitization.

The flowers of a thousandpertuis serve, by maceration in the oil, to the preparation of theMillepertu Oil, a red oil which is renowned for the treatment of burns and bruises.[réf. nécessaire] It should not be used during solar exposure for the reasons indicated above, but as a post-sun.

Studies on Millepertuis in light and moderate depressions also indicate an effectiveness comparable to that of antidepressants acting on the reuptake of serotonin (ISRS)8.

The EffectsAntidepressants of the Thousand Festure are due mainly to hyperforine9 (in internal and long -term use). But many of the components of St. John's Wort have an inhibitory effect on the receptors of the central nervous system, therefore a synergistic action is likely.10

It is today authorized for sale as a drug, as in Germany since 1984, because many clinical studies have proven its effectiveness. The latest study, published in 2005, shows that St. John's Wort is as effective on duration as the reference antidepressant (theImipramine), better tolerated and with less risk of relapse.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Millepertuis Perforated by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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