20 Graines Passiflore edulis pourpre, edulis jaune mélange

20 Graines Passiflore edulis pourpre, edulis jaune mélange

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Passiflore edulis grenadille, passiflora edulis f. flavicarpa fruit of passion mixes |

Passiflore edulis grenadille, fruit of purple passion,10 seeds

The Grenadille, Fruit of passion (Passiflora Edulis), is a climbing plant of the family of Passifloraceae, originally from Colombia 1, Du Venezuela, from Paraguay, Brazil and northeast ofArgentina. It takes its name from the various elements of its flower alluding to the instruments of the passion of Christ ; It is cultivated for its edible pulp fruits called passion fruit or maracudja (Creole word2 coming from Tupi Mara Kuya "). In New Caledonia, they are called " Apple-Lianes " ; at Venezuela " Parchita " ; at Puerto Rico " Parcha " ; at Haiti Grenadia ", and in Brazil " Maracujá "Note 1.

As for the Vigne, culture is done on staggers and wires, in hot regions (corresponding to the orange area). There are a hundred varieties3, including the Common Purple, cultivated at Hawaii, the Black Knight, the Edgehill, cultivar with purple fruits similar to Black Knight but even more vigorous and very planted in California, Kahuna, Perfecta (with large fruits) or Brazilian Golden.

Passiflora edulis f. flavicarpa, fruit of yellow passion,10 seeds

There is a yellow form of unknown origin, called yellow grenadille (Passiflora Edulis f. Flavicarpa). It is distinguished from the purple form (P. Edulis f. Edulis) by distinct natural distribution zones and by distinct hours of flowering. The yellow form Flavicarpa is autosterileNote 2 While the purple form is self -fertile, its fruit is yellow at maturity while the other is deep purple and more little.

It is a Climbing plant Vigoureux4, based on a woody, developing stems of around 6 M long.

The persistent leaves, from 6-13 × 8-13 CM, are membranese, deeply trilobed and margin gleaned-serruulated.

TheInflorescence is a Cyme Reduced including the Flower Centrale aborts, the Pedicelle of a side flower gives a twist and the Another flower is developing normally. The pedicel of 4-5 CM Long Door :

  • 3 large Bracts green,
  • 5 petals greenish inside,
  • 5 white petals,
  • a crown of purple and white filaments,
  • a column of 1-1.2 CM high (androgynophore) bearing
    • the 5 Stamens completed by the Antères turned downwards
    • then an ovary obovoid of 8 mm high surmounted by 3 or 4 styles white, united at the base.

The flower as a whole is 4 to 7 CM in diameter.

The fruit is a Baie purple at maturity, from 3 to 4 CM in diameter, containing many black seeds, surrounded by an edible arille . It is edible and of soft flavor ; The form Flavicarpa is larger, yellow in color and more acidic flavor5.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Grenadille of Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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