30 Graines Petite pimprenelle, Sanguisorba minor

30 Graines Petite pimprenelle, Sanguisorba minor

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Pimprenelle, Sanguisorba Minor | Graines reproductibles, Graines Non Traitées

The Pimprenelle, also called small pimprenelle or blood (Sanguisorba Minor or Sanguisorba Poterium), is a herbaceous plant VIVACE de The family of Rosaceae.

30 seeds

It is a plant with especially leaves basals and Pennées (up to 12 pairs of rounded ladies). The green flowers are very small and dense, in globular heads (ears), the female superiors with red styles, the lower males with stamens hanging with Anthers yellow. Pimprenelle is a Polygamus plant : the same foot has both male unisexual flowers, other female unisexuals and other hermaphrodites.

The leaves have a taste of Cucumber characteristic ; It is for this sometimes used to enhance salads or to enhance the dishes in sauce, with others fine herbs2.

Pimprenelle is used in internal use, in particular for its astringent, anti-diarrheal, diuretic, digestive and tonic properties, as well as external use (poultice), for its astringent, healing and hemostatic properties3.

The active ingredients of pimprenelle are among others : flavonoids, vitamin C, ursolic acid, tannins (roots)[réf. souhaitée].

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