20 Graines Ronce à feuilles d'orme, Rubus ulmifolius

20 Graines Ronce à feuilles d'orme, Rubus ulmifolius

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Wild mulberry, gold leaves, ulmifolius rubus |

Ronce with elm leaves (Rubus Ulmifolius) is a bushy, thorny, of the Rosaceae family. Like many Rubus it is a species Polymorph.

20 Seeds Average germination: 20-30 % - Stratify to the cold, Seeds for 5 months before sowing.

The Rubus Ulmifolius has Turiti arched, marked by a small gutter channel on its faces. Its rods, in color Glauque, armed with stings are covered with powdery film called Pruine.

The Leaves bent outwards, are in color Glauque on the upper and white fluffy faces on the lower faces. The leaves are made up of three to five leaflets not deeply toothed, the terminal sheet is obovale.

Flower branches are angular. The Flowers are grouped in Inflorescence Pyramidal provided with a long Pédontcule garnished withShapes in the form of Faucille. Flowers at five Petals bright pink, almost circular in shape and five sepales Duvetine.

The fruit is a Polydrupe edible (Mûre) locally very appreciated.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Rubus Ulmifolius by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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