10 Graines Consoude officinale, Symphytum officinale

10 Graines Consoude officinale, Symphytum officinale

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Officinal, Symphytum officinal, Symphytum pharmacy |

The Officinal Combrement or Symphyte Officinal (Symphytum Officinale) isspecies Gender characteristic Symphytum. It has many varieties and s'hybrid easily, the latter characteristic having been used in Agronomy as in Horticulture. The limits of definition of the species are not permanently fixed (see article on Confeds). It is a useful plant for a long time, both for agricultural production, for its therapeutic virtues and for the pleasure of gardens.

10 Seeds

The term " comfer ", appeared around 1265, comes from Low Latin Consoleida derived from Consolidare " CONSOLIDE, ATMERMIR " Due of its virtues to heal wounds (astringent) and to consolidate fractures.

The term Symphytum, genre created by Linné in 1753, comes1 through the Latin of the Greek σύμφυτον Sumphuton Name of a plant with healing properties (can -Itre the comfrey), term itself derived from συμφύω SUMPHUO " Make it grow together .

CONSOUDE is a large Perennial Plant from 30 to 130 CM, in large colonies. It has a black brown rhizomatous root on the outside, white inside.

Its large leaves (up to 40 cm long by 15 cm wide) are alternate, lanceolate, tapered and acute at the top, and Decurrent (extending on the stem). They are covered with stiff hairs (curved on the underside)2

Its flowers in tones of white, pink, light purple to dark, even pale yellow or cream, are grouped in Cymes Scorpioids Uniparous at the top of the branches. Their corolla in tube is widened in bell at their end. They flourish from mid-May to August2.

Its fruit are made up of 4 Akenes smooth and brilliant2. Before flowering, the leaves of Digital, very toxic, could be confused with those of comfre but to the touch the digital is woolly and soft while the comfrey is rough.

Racine and mucilaginous sheets are emollients and softening, used to treat dermites of animals. Confurite root contains carbohydrates (Fructanes), terpenoids (mono- and triterpenic bundles) and Pyrrolizidinic alkaloids (0.2-0,4 %) : Lycopsamine, Intermedine (Monoester of Rétronécine) and their acetylated derivatives, as well as Symphytine (Un diester)5. It also contains allantoin, Rosmarine Acid and Mucilages (Polysaccharides)6.

The leaves also contain alkaloids, but in much lower quantity : 0.003-0.02 %.

CONSOUDE is used as Vegetable fertilizer in Organic Agriculture15. A small corner of the garden reserved for Russian comfrey can be harvested several times a year, providing an appreciable quantity of green materials rich in mineral materials usable in various ways (PurinMulchCompost) to increase soil fertility and plant growth.

CONSOUDES are plants with high potential Nectarifer. Flowers are systematically visited by Bourdons due to their high attractiveness. These generally pierce a hole at the base of Corolle in order to access the nectar more quickly. The Bees can then take advantage of it16. Without this hole, their language is too short and does not allow access to nectar.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Officinal CONSOUDE from Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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