20 Graines Figuier indien, Ficus racemosa

20 Graines Figuier indien, Ficus racemosa

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Indian fig tree, ficus racemosa |

Ficus racemosa or ficus glomerata is a kind of plant in the family of moraceae. It is fromAustralasia,Southeast Asia and Indian subcontinent. Its figs grow directly on a trunk or nearby.

20 seeds 

In the tradition Buddhique, Ficus Racemosa is known as "UDUMBARA".

This fig tree, to be pollinated, needs the lower case Wasp of the fig tree Ceratosolen fongeps and also interaction with other insects such as the ant Oecophylla Smaragdina and the sucking fin Membracidae TRICERRUS SP.1

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Ficus Racemosa by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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