20 Graines Herbe de l'immortalité, jiaogulan

20 Graines Herbe de l'immortalité, jiaogulan

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Immortality grass, Jiaogulan, gynostemma pentaphyllum |

Gynostemma Pentaphyllum, also called Jiaogulan (Chinese :  ; Pinyin : Jiǎogǔlán) or " Herbe of immortality " (Chinese :  ; Pinyin : XIāncǎo), is a species of Climbing Plant Chinese family of Cucurbitaceae1. This rustic plant, which resists intense cold (up to −15 ° C), is present in India, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan and Korea2.

20 seeds

 Jiaogulan has long been known in Asia ; Its use is mentioned at the time of the Ming dynasty in a book on the " Medicine against famine "3. It is used in Chinese Medicine traditional and as sweetening in Japan4.

It is said[Qui ?] that those who regularly drink this plant in infusion have a higher life expectancy of the average[réf. nécessaire]. saponins related to those of Ginseng are also found in Jiaogulan5. This is why it is also called " Blue Ginger "3. The leaves of Jiaogulan contain many heterosides of the chemical family of the Dammaranes such as the gypenoside LXIX, The Glylongoside I, the gypenoside XLVIII and the Vitexin, plus a Carbamide, theAllantoin4.

The sweet taste of its leaves allows them to sweeten the Café or the tea, to make it sweet tea called Amachazuru (?) or an alcoholic drink4.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Gynostemma Pentaphyllum from Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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