20 Graines Sauge fausse-verveine, Salvia verbenaca

20 Graines Sauge fausse-verveine, Salvia verbenaca

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Sage False-Verveine, Salvia Verbenaca |

Salvia Verbenaca , also known as the Sauge Sweet Sweet or, is from British islands , fromregion Mediterranean of South of Europe , of North Africa and of the Near - Orient , as well as Caucase . It can be found as that I introduced species which was naturalized in the meadows of is from the United States .

20 Seeds

S. Verbenaca is a large plant Perennial herbaceous with hairy rods and erect branches. Its leaves are Basales and Dutées which vary from 3 to 10 cm (1.2 to 3.9 in) long. He has purple with purple flowers in the middle of the summer. It flowers from June to September and the seeds mature from July to October. Flowers are Bisexuae and pollinated by bees. Some are also Cléistogames and pollinate themselves.

The plant is known to attract pollinators and fauna. He prefers neutral and alkaline floors and needs full sun. This sage aromatic is used as aroma in food and to make tea ; Flowers can be added to salads .


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