20 Graines Œillet de Grenoble, Dianthus gratianopolitanus

20 Graines Œillet de Grenoble, Dianthus gratianopolitanus

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Cheddar pink, dianthus gratianopolitanus | Graines reproductibles, Graines Non Traitées

Dianthus gratianopolitanus , commonly called Rose Cheddar or pink cloves, is a species of family plant of karyophyllaceaeIt is a perennial herbaceous, rustic plant in areas 4 to 8 .

20 Seeds - height 20/30 cm

It grows up to 0.5 to 1 foot, flowering from May to June. The flowers are scented and pink. pushes better in full sun and has medium water needs. Excessive watering or poor drainage leads to the crown rot and plants do not tolerate wet soil conditions in winter.

The specific epithet  Gratianopolitanus refers to the old Roman name Gratianopolis of the modern French city of Grenoble. The common name cheddar pink refers to the fact that it is from Cheddar gorge in England.

It is from Europe Western and central, from the United Kingdom to Ukraine.

It has become a species protected in the United Kingdom in 1975 under the law on the conservation of wild creatures and wild plants.


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