10 Graines Troène du Japon, Ligustrum japonicum

10 Graines Troène du Japon, Ligustrum japonicum

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Japan Troene, Ligustrum Japanicum |

The Troène of Japan (Ligustrum Japanicum) is a species of Troène from the south of Japan (Honshū, Shikoku, Kyūshū, Okinawa) and Korea.

10 seeds - cold stratification 2 months before sowing

It is a shrub or a small tree that can measure up to 6 meters in height atBark Gray-Beige. SES Leaves persistent brilliant green color are opposite and measure 5 to 10 CM Long on 2 to 5 CM Large . The Flowers of white color, with a corolla with four lobes 5-6 mm long grow in clusters 7 to 15 cm long at the beginning of summer. They have a perfume often little appreciated and produce large quantities of PollenThe Fruit is a Drupe oval, from 10 MM Long first green then turned to purple black with a Pruine Cireuse at the beginning of winter.

The species is closely linked to the Chinese species Ligustrum Lucidum, but is smaller (L. Lucidum can make a tree of more than 10 M high). To differentiate them, fold a sheet in half. If it breaks, it is a Japanicum otherwise it is a Lucidum.

Like all trones, the species is greedy in water and nutrients and can hinder the growth of other plants growing nearby. It is not very sensitive to diseases and parasites.

A certain number of cultivars has been selected such as Rotundifolium '(with lean leaves almost as wide as long and slow growth),' Silver Star '(with sheets on board cream), and' aureum 'with golden leaves.

The species is easily propagated by sowing or Bouture and can become invasive. It pushes quickly, supports the size well and is often used to create topiary.

The fruit is used in plants based on plants like cardiotonic, Diuretics, laxative and tonic treatment[réf. nécessaire]. However, the Troëne is awaiting studies of non -toxicity in Europe and laboratories specialized in medicinal plants have so far given up using it. So it is not recommended to consume it.

It is sometimes cultivated as an ornamental plant or for the composition of hedges in Europe and in North America in the regions of Sweet Winter because it does not support frost gel.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Troène du Japan from Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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