30 Graines Jonc piquant, Jonc épars mélange

30 Graines Jonc piquant, Jonc épars mélange

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Spicy row, scattered row, aquatic plant mixture |

Spicy jack, scattered row, acutus juncus, juncus effusus mixes. Aquatic plant, wetland.

30 seeds

Juncus Effusus, the scattered row, Spiral Jonc, Torning Jonc or Diffus Jonc, is a species of Herbaceous plants of the family of Juncaceae. This rush grows in Wet zones temperate (wet meadows, ponds and ponds), from sea level to 1 700 meters above sea level. It is cultivated as an ornamental plant.

Juncus Effusus is a species Cosmopolite which is found in most ofEurope, fromAsia toIndonesia south, fromNorth America, as well as in the islands of the Atlanticand at Madagascar1.

This rush forms Rhizomes tracing underground, producing toddies with 40 to 80 centimeters. The stems are erected, glabrous and hollow, filled with a spongy marrow. The leaves are reduced to rednews. The flowers are small (2 MM), with 3 sepales and three greenish beige petals, 3 stamens and an ovary with three lobes.


The Picy jonc (Juncus Acutus) is a species of Plants Monocotyledonus of the family of Juncaceae. It grows in the waters of the salted marshes and on the dunes and is used to fight against erosion.

Juncus Acutus pushes on all kinds of floors, ranging from flooded areas to dry areas such as dunes, passing through meadows and plain forests, riparian areas, wetlands fresh or salted water.

The species is evaluated as non -worrying with global, European and French levels2. In France the species has disappeared (Re) in Haute-Normandie ; It is considered vulnerable (seen) in Pays de la Loire.
It is a green brown plant that can reach 1.5 meters high.


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