10 Graines Asclépiade incarnate, Asclepias incarnata

10 Graines Asclépiade incarnate, Asclepias incarnata

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Asclepiage incarnate, Asclepias Incarnata |

Asclepias Incarnata, commonly called Red Asclepiad and Asclepia Incarnate, is a species of living herbaceous plant of the genus Asclepias Native D 'North America.

10 seeds

ISCLEPIADIA INCORNATE is a sustainable herbaceous plant which grows in groves from 100 to 150 cm high. In the spring, the stem develops from thick white roots. The opposite leaves lanceolate are 7.5 to 15 CM long for 1 to 4 CM wide. It is distinguished from theAsclepiad Common by its narrower leaves and its longer, narrow and smooth follicles.

The flowers Pentamères are pink to mauve, sometimes white, arranged in umbelles and very fragrant. Flowering takes place from July to August2. After flowering, the plant produces follicles Verta lanceolate of a length which reaches 12 CM. Once mature, the fruit dehiscent release dozens of flattened seeds to which a tuft of bristles is attached.

Like the other species of the genus ASCLEPIAS, the Incarnate Asclepia is a host of the monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus), whose caterpillar feeds on the leaves and other parts of the plant . In addition, its flowers Nectarifers and scented attract many species of pollinators. All parts of the plants contain a latex composed, in particular, of cardenolid, toxic molecules which repel the herbivores.

 Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA license 3.0. Source : Article Asclepias Incarnata by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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