30 Graines hysope officinale, hyssope mélange

30 Graines hysope officinale, hyssope mélange

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hyssope Hyssope Mixture | Graines reproductibles, Graines Non Traitées

Hysope, Hysope Officinale or Hyssope (Hyssopus Officinalis L.) is a Arbrisseau Velace of the Family of Lamiacae (Labiés), originally from garrigue -type environments in Mediterranean regions. Its flowers, which can be purple, blue, white or red, are grouped in ears.

30 seeds - pink color, white, blue -violace

Hysope is from southern Europe, fromNorth Africa, Western Asia (Near East and Caucase), it was naturalized throughoutEurope and in North America.

It is cited in the Middle Ages in the capitular of Villis, a list of plants recommended for cultivation in monasteries under Charlemagne.

The species is cited in Bible on the occasion of Passover, just before the people of Israel leave Egypt : " and you will take a Bouquet of Hysope, and you will dip it in the blood which will be in the basin ; and blood that will be in the basin you will sprinkle the lintel and the two posts ; And no one of you will leave the door of his house, until the morning1

The hysope is also cited at the time of the crucifixion of Jesus2. Likewise, the hysope is evoked as a purifying plant in Psalm 51, verse 9, Aspass me with the Hysope, Lord, and I will be purified), which is one of the Antiphones whose use is planned (excluding Times Pascal) in sprinkling with holy water that can be done on Sunday at the start of mass3

However, it is not a question of the pharmacy hysope which did not push in Galilee at the time but more probably of the Marjolaine or theOrigan which are part of the Same family4,5.

In Hebrew culture, the hysope symbolizes humility, in opposition to the cedar, the image of the majesty : " [Salomon] spoke about the trees, from the cedar of Lebanon Until the hysope that comes out of the wall6. ” For the same reasons, the two plants are associated in the Jewish law on the leper, in the sacrifice relating to the healing of the leper : “ [Le sacrificateur] will take the wood of cedar , the hysope, the crimson and the living bird7

Hysope is a vegetable plant as condiment plant. Its leaves, fresh or dried, are used, finely chopped, for flavor raw vegetables and salads, pranks for pork, goose or duck, but also in sauces and soups.

It constitutes the basic ingredient of Za'atar in Levant.

Its flowers have pleasantly the taste of salads and vegetables.

It also falls into the composition of certain Liqueurs, from Pastis, fromMélisse Eau, fromABSINTHE Switzerland. This is one of the essential elements ofElixir de la Grande-Chartreuse, of the Bénédictine.

Hysope was also able to serve as an flavoring agent during Brasse of beer8.

Hysope is a medicinal plant. All parts of the plant are used for various therapeutic indications : Antiseptic, Stimulant, Stomachique and Expectorant9. It was also traditionally used to abort10.

TheEssential oil of Hysope Officinale (Hyssopus Officinalis Var. Officinalis) is Neurotoxic and Abortive. For this reason, its marketing is regulated11.

We find hysope oil in a list of additives in cigarettes.

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