30 Graines de Pâquerette, Bellis Perennis Monstrosa

30 Graines de Pâquerette, Bellis Perennis Monstrosa

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Pâquerette mixes, Bellis Perennis Monstrosa |

Pâquerette, Bellis Perennis Monstrosa, 15 -20 cm high

30 seeds - Average germination: 70%

The Passover has several vernacular names : Petite Marguerite, Passover of the Near, Easter Flower, Little Consyre, Flower of every month, Tro-Heol (literally Sunflower) in Brittany6. His English name Daisy comes from Anglo-Saxon Daeges eage (Day's Eye, literally " Eye du Jour "), Allusion to the flower that opens in the morning and closes completely in the evening2.

Pâquerettes surviving very well with repeated mowing even very shaved in a lawn, where they are particularly visible, they have given rise to the expression " flush with the daisies " meaning " at ground level "and, metaphorically," without intelligence .

A legend says that the Passover was born from tears shed by Mary Madeleine when she did not find Jesus in her tomb on the day of her resurrection30.

According to a popular belief, originally the daisies were completely white. On the day of the birth of Jesus, a small shepherd who had nothing, offered him to the son of Mary who kissed him with lips. It is since that day that the heart of the flower is golden yellow and that the edge is marked with pink at the place of the kiss. Another legend wants one day the child Jesus stuck with a thorn, and his blood flowed. To console him his mother picked him a daisy. A drop of blood flowed on the corolla and it was since that time that the petals of this flower have been tinged with rose30.

Pâquerette is sometimes used for the game ofstripping of the Marguerite. Victor Hugo refers to it in Misérables31

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Pâquerette from Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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