20 Graines Mélisse d'abeilles, Monarda Citriodora

20 Graines Mélisse d'abeilles, Monarda Citriodora

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Lemon balm, Monarda CitrioDora |

Monarda Citriodora is a species of flower plant of the family of Lamiaceae. It is from a large part of the United States and the Mexico. Once crushed, the leaves give off a smell recalling that of the lemons. This odor is sometimes described as more resemblingOrigan, especially at the end of the season. Its purple flowers are very attractive for butterflies, Bees and Colibris.

20 Seeds

Monarda Citriodora tolerates dry soil and requires little water and direct sunlight. Several stems grow from the base and are lined with pairs of lance -shaped leaves. It grows quickly in the spring, reaching up to a meter high. When it flowers, its flowers are white, purple and pink from May to July (in the northern hemisphere), and continues to flower even later in the year if it is given water. The plant dies with the first frosts. Although it is an annual , its seeds can germinate and push the following year[réf. nécessaire].

Some people use it in addition to salads and teas. It is also sometimes used in wines and liqueurs. It can also give a good flavor to certain seafood and meat dishes, such as Crab and Chicken. It is an ingredient in many dessert recipes and is used to flavor cakes, cheese cakes, sauces and pies[réf. nécessaire]. But most of the recipes bearing the name of " Lemon Mint " used the green mint and the juice or other components of the lemon fruit rather than this plant. However, it is sometimes used in herbal teas[réf. nécessaire].

Tea made from its leaves can treat colds, coughs, fever and respiratory problemsS[réf. nécessaire].

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0license. Source : Article Monarda Citriodora by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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