10 Graines Aigremoine eupatoire, Agrimonia eupatoria

10 Graines Aigremoine eupatoire, Agrimonia eupatoria

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Eupory eggmation, Agrimonia Eupatoria |

Eupory egging, wood tea, Agrimonia Eupatoria

10 seeds

TheEuP for Eupory Agrimonia Eupatoria) is a species of herbaceous plants VIVACES, Rhizomatuses, from family of Rosacea, commune throughout Europe.

  • Part used : Summitity Fleurie, harvested in full flowering (July-August).
  • Active components : condensed tannins, terpenes, flavonoids, phytosterine, eupatorine, vitamins k and p, silica (more than 10 %)
  • Properties : Astringent, Vulneurée, Anti-inflammatory, Cholagogue, antiaphonic.
  • In use : mainly in infusion, powder or dry extract.

In internal use : Treatment of light diarrhea, in the event of slow and difficult digestion, in venous insufficiency and hemorrhoidal crises.

In external use : Bucco-pharyngeal hygiene (gargarisms), dermatological conditions (antipruriginous, ophthalmological eye drops), decongestant effects on hemorrhoids and circulatory problems of the lower limbs.

All the tender parts of Eupory AGRIEMINE, including the flower are edible, and sometimes used as aromatic grass in the kitchen3. They are eaten raw (in salad) or cooked (cooked like vegetables).

Leaves and flowers harvested at the start of flowering, in infusion, give a tea with a slightly lemony taste.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article EuP for Eupory of Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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