30 Graines Helianthemum 'mutabile', Helianthemum mélange

30 Graines Helianthemum 'mutabile', Helianthemum mélange

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Helianthemum 'Mutabile', helianthemum mixture |

The Hélianthèmes are plants dicotyledons, generally sub-armor, belonging to the family of cistaceae and gender Helianthemum. Their name means in Greek " Fleur (Ánthos) [qui évolue avec le] Soleil (Hêlios) ", because the flower is oriented towards the Soleil, like that Sunflowers.

30 Seeds - height 15/20 cm

Helianthems are pubescent plants to Leaves not toothed, fairly close to Cisttes, with which the differences are rare : The Flowers and the whole of the plant are smaller (the diameter of the flowers is less than 3 cm), two of the five sepales are smaller than the other three, the ovaries have one or three lodges (against five or ten for the cistus). For the rest, the characteristics are the same : five petals a little crumpled, generally yellow, sometimes white, orange or pink, with many stamens ; Flowers forming kinds of small bunches carried by soft stems at their end (the buttons are leaning towards the ground before hatching). By its appearance, the genus Helianthemum is also quite close to the genre Fumana, but in it the flowers are lonely and the external stamens have Anthers No developed. Aqueous extracts from this flower can be used in certain anti-stress.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA license 3.0. Source : Article Helianthemus of Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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