5 Graines Epine de Jérusalem, Parkinsonia aculeata

5 Graines Epine de Jérusalem, Parkinsonia aculeata

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Epine of Jerusalem, Parkinsonia aculeata |

TheEpine of Jerusalem (Parkinsonia Aculeata) is a species of the family of the Fabaceae

5 seeds - Rusticity :  Up to -7 ° C - Average germination: 30% scarification + Soak the seeds in water for 24/48 H - Photo 5: germination in 4 days in greenhouse 25-30 ° C

It reaches 2 to 8 m in height. The leaves and stems are glabrous. The petiole, flattened, is bordered by two rows of 25 to 30 tiny oval leaflets; The leaflets are quickly deciduous in dry weather, leaving the green petioles and the branches for photosynthesis. The branches have thorns of 7 to 12 MM long with each node. The flowers are yellow and fragrant, 20 mm in diameter, grouped by eight to ten at the end of a long slender rod. Fruit is a tough pod, light brown at maturity.

It is from the southwest of United States (West of Texas, southernArizona), northwest of Mexico, from Caribbean, fromSouth America to northernArgentina and Galápagos Islands1.

P. Aculeata is a major invasive species in Australia, in certain parts ofTropical Africa, Hawaii and other islands of thePacific Ocean such as New Caledonia. The thorn of Jerusalem forms dense thickets, preventing access to rivers to humans, native animals and livestock. The pod floats and the plant spreads by the fall of the pods in the water which spread out downstream during seasonal floods.

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0license. Source : Article Epine of Jerusalem by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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