30 Graines Sarrasin de Tartarie, ku qiao, Fagopyrum tataricum

30 Graines Sarrasin de Tartarie, ku qiao, Fagopyrum tataricum

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Tartaria buckwheat, ku qiao, fagopyrum tataricum |

Fagopyrum Tataricum , also known as Sarrasin de Tartarie ,Green buckwheat , Ku qiao ,Sarrasin Tatar , or Amer Sarasin , is a Plant Dietary Domesticated of Genre Fagopyrum of the family Polygonaceae .With another species of the same Genre , Common buckwheat , it is often counted as a cereal , but unlike real cereals, the Saracens do not are not part of the family of grasses . Thus, they are not linked to Blé .

30 seeds

Tartaria buckwheat is more bitter and contains more than Rutine than common buckwheat. It also contains other bioactive components such as flavonoids, phenolic acids, [8] 2-hydroxybenzylamine and Quercitrine . [9]

Tartaria buckwheat has been domesticated in Asia in East and is also cultivated in Europe and North America. [10] Although it is an unfamiliar food in the West, it is common in the Himalayan region today, as well as in other regions of South-West of China such as the province of Sichuan . [ citation nécessaire ]

Tataricum Fagopyrum seeds from Mustang, Nepal.

The plant has been cultivated in many regions of the world; However, when it is among other cultures, it is considered a bad grass.


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