5 Graines Lilas d'Arabie, Vitex trifolia Purpurea

5 Graines Lilas d'Arabie, Vitex trifolia Purpurea

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Arabia lilac, Vitex trifolia purpurea |

VITX TRIFOLIA , the Gattilier with simple leaves , is a large shrub coastal or a small Tree.

5 seeds

The Vitex Trifolia is a large shrub or small coastal tree, less than 5 m high, with rods covered with soft (tomentious) hairs. The leaves are arranged in an opposite way along the stems and are generally composed, composed of 3 linear leaflets which measure between 1 and 12 cm in length. The upper side of the leaves is green and the lower grayish green side.

The flowers are born in Panicles or in clusters reaching 18 cm long. Individual flowers have corollas purple with purple with two lips which are approximately 5 mm long. The stamens are in two pairs and the ovary is superior or develops above the corolla. Available fruits measure approximately 6 mm in diameter and contain 4 small black seeds.


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