20 Graines Anis vert, Pimpinella anisum

20 Graines Anis vert, Pimpinella anisum

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Green anise, pimpinella anisum |

Green anise, pimpinella anisum

20 Seeds

Theanis (pimpinella anisum) is a species of plants herbaceous family apiaceae, cultivated as a condiment plant for its leaves and its seeds aromatic. The plant is sometimes called Green Anis.

It is an annual or biennial herbaceous plant, measuring from 50 to 80 CM high, with hollow erect rods.

  • Long -spoke leaf are made up of three serrated leaflets.
  • Small white flowers are grouped in umbels.
  • The fruits are greenish gray, oblong and very fragrant.
  • All parts of the plant are aromatic : leaves, stems, fruits, flowers, roots.

This species is native to the east of the Mediterranean basin1. It has been widespread by culture in temperate regions.

Green anise is one of the plants whose culture is recommended in the royal fields by Charlemagne in the Capitular of Villis (End of VIIIE or beginning of IXe century).

Prefers light and healthy floors, and hot and sunny exhibitions.

Sowing in spring, April-May. Lighten after lifting.

The harvest of the leaves can start a few months after sowing. The seeds are harvested in the fall at maturity (September).

Common names : anise, cultivated anise, musk anise, officinal anise, sweet anise, green anise, closure, pimpinelle, aniseed pimpinelle, Egypt pimpenelle. from : Anis, in : Anise, Sweet Cumin, ES : Anís, It : Anise.

In infusion, the seeds give a herbal tea to the stimulating and carminative properties, recommended for bloating, difficult digestions, Aerocolie and References, antispasmodic, ideal for colic] and reflux of babies

Distance aphids, worms, caterpillars

Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Green Anis by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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