50 Graines Mélilot jaune, Melilotus officinalis

50 Graines Mélilot jaune, Melilotus officinalis

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Yellow melilot, melilotus officinalis, yellow small | Graines reproductibles, Graines Non Traitées

Yellow melilot, melilotus officinalis

50 seeds

The Mélilot Officinal or Mélilot Jaune (Melilotus Officinalis), formerly Melilotus Arvensis Wallr.1 is a herbaceous plant with yellow flowers of the family of Fabaceae (legumes), subfamily of Faboidea, tribe of Trifolieae. It has an interest as a fodder plant and as a honey plant.

Biennial plant, from 30 to 120 CM high, with erect rods, with many small yellow flowers arranged in elongated clusters ; flowering from June to October. The leaves have three denticulated leaflets. Fruits are unarmed straight pods, blackish green at maturity. This plant contains Coumarine, which gives it a pleasant smell.

The Melilot grows well under the same soil and climate conditions as the Luzerne while being more resistant to cold and even tolerant of salinity. It has been widely cultivated in many regions of the world (large plains and semi-arid plateaus with neutral soil with slightly basic and continental climate) but is today almost completely replaced by Luzerne whose selection A Produced varieties of better quality fodder less woody and which do not present the problem of a high cutting rate2.

Indeed, cultivated as fodder, the plant may cause in cattle the disease of the " Mélilot spoiled " when the badly dried hay ferments. Coumarin then turns into Dicoumarol, an anticoagulant agent, used to kill rats and mice, whose ingestion can cause hemorrhages.

It must be consumed young and however requires time to adapt animals to pasture.

It often flowers, easily climbs with seeds and becomes a woody to the point that the stems were used as fuel in China2.

It is very visited by bees ; It can also constitute a good Green fertilizer: For this, it is often found in the Cultural Rotation in Organic Agriculture.

It is a Medicinal Plant whose flowering tops are used for their anti-inflammatory and protective properties of the vascular and anti-spasmodic system. It is a preventive of thrombosis and embolies. It is employed in popular medicine for its resolute, emollient and calming (sedative) properties.

 Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Mélilot Officinal by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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