Frequently asked Questions

Sale of online seeds, online store for amateur gardeners. My site is not intended to sell its products in large quantities.

Question: I have ordered the same product several times !

Answer: You will receive all your seeds in only one sachet.

Question: What are the periods for preparing an order ?

Answer:  The deadlines for preparing an order and then establishing the invoice, before shipping of goods in stock are generally Maximum 48h/72h worked from the order by the Customer. These deadlines agree outside weekends (period including an end of Friday, a Saturday and a consecutive Sunday) or holidays and are not engaging.

Each order is generally prepared the day before the shipment (counting, labeling, verification ...).

Question: I have a problem of order not received or follow -up !

Answer: Please contact me by email: so that I can help you solve this problem.

Please do not incumper the errors of La Poste, I do my maximum to send you your order as quickly as possible, I have no control over delivery.

In the event of non -delivery of the package by post, the buyer must inform via the section Contact "We will then open a survey of the services concerned. An email indicating that an investigation is open to you. The final response time of the carrier vary from 15 to 30 days. If the package is found, it will be sent to the customer according to the usual procedure. If the package is declared lost, the order will be reimbursed as soon as possible.

Orders shipped by Colissimo, letter followed more, or letter followed, the status of which is "your sending has been distributed in the mailbox" or after a post investigation will not give rise to any refund, referral or compensation.

Except in the event of a copy of the filing of complaints for "flight in mailbox" to the competent services (police, gendarmerie). 

I will systematically make a photo of the contents of the EnvorI.

Question: I did not receive a message regarding my order !
Answer: If you do not receive an order confirmation or email, please consult, the spam email !

Question: How to follow my order ?

Answer: When of your Purchase, You will receive D'First A Email Summary Your Order Thus that on Amount. Your Order is sent in postal follow -up, You will receive A E-Mail with a link for follow your Letter or Colissimo.

Question: What are the standard shipping and delivery times ?

Answer: After receipt of your order, it is necessary to count between 48 and 72 working hours (Monday to Friday) so that your order is processed and returned to the Post. The shipment of your letter or Colissimo to France and in other countries is Monday to Friday.

Question: Why is my site called and my corporate name Anais Foul ?

Answer: Auto-entrepreneur cannot choose his company name. I chose Grainier as a trade name. Learn more about my legal status

Question: why does not appear on my bill ?

Answer: The status of self-employed entrepreneur directly leads to a VAT franchise: I do not charge VAT to my customers and I do not recover VAT during my purchases. There is therefore no VAT collected, deductible VAT and or declaration of VAT in self-enterprise. VAT not applicable, article 293b of the CGI.

Source: the chartered

Question: Why is there any payment methods when the site is closed ?

Answer: I am the only one to manage my business (order preparation, management of my site and stocks, photos, sowing and plant maintenance, customer service, etc.). I will not be able to ensure good quality of service, I deactivate the method of payment so as not to have cumulation during my reopening.

Question: I wish to pay by bank card without paypal account :

Answer : 

1. You must select Payment by Paypal (Step 5 - Payment method)

2. Click on the Paypal blue button (Step 6 - Confirmation of the order)

3. A window will open, you must select " Pay by bank card" (You can pay by bank card without creating a PayPal account)

Can not find the answer to your question ?

Please contact me by email:, I will answer it as soon as possible.