30 Graines Nigelle Bleu, blanc mélange, Nigella sativa

30 Graines Nigelle Bleu, blanc mélange, Nigella sativa

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Blue nigelle, white mixture, nigella sativa | Graines reproductibles, Graines Non Traitées

The Nigelles are annual herbaceous plants with finely cut foliage from the family of renounced, belonging to the gender Nigella (Du Latin " Nigella "Himself" Niger "signifying black1 in reference to the color of the seeds of this genus2). There are around twenty species, all fromEurasie. Some were formerly consumed, in seeds or as spices, or are still in certain oriental countries or cultivated as ornamental species.

30 seeds

Numerous studies have shown that it had anti-inflammatory properties, anti-mycotic, Antibacterial, Anti-Fongical, Anti-cancer, Antiviral, Antihistamines... So many properties that make it potentially a remedy for certain diseases10.

Nigelle is used in naturopathy. Nigel oil or powder is used in treatment of pathologies such as skin diseases, muscle pain,eczema or even Psoriasis11, but Also acne12, Diabetes, asthma13, Non -androgen hair loss14... A 2014 study showed its effects positive on the harmful effects of therapeutic radio treatments15.

Nigelle oil contains almost 60% oflinoleic acid (Omega 6)16.

It exists in the form of capsules, oil or powder, with both internal and external uses (in massages).

In Islam, according to Sahih al-Bukhari, Muhammad says about it : "It is healing for any disease except death".

Nigelle oil is also used in a cosmetic frame, in hair lotion or in external application to hydrate the skin.

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