20 Graines Corète potagère, Guimauve potagère, Mloukhia

20 Graines Corète potagère, Guimauve potagère, Mloukhia

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Vegetable corète, vegetable marshmallow, mloukhia |

The Potagère Corète or Rouge jute (Corchorus Olitorius L.) is a  of Plants Dicotyledons From Family of the Malvaceae (formerly arranged in the Tiliaceae) from Asia and sub -Saharan Africa2. This species is cultivated in hot regions for Liberian fibers of its stems used to make JUTE canvas. It is also cultivated as a food plant.

20 seeds 

Its name is sometimes spelled " Corette " or " Corette vegetable ". Another vernacular name in French is the " Mauve of the Jews .

Among the many species of the genus Corchorus (Subfamille of Grewioideae, Malvacea family, or Tiliaceae According to Classic classification), two herbaceous plants are called JUTE :

In the legal sense, " The jute is textile fiber from the Liberté du Corchorus Olitorus and the CapsUlaris Capsularis "5.

Corchorus Olitorius is a woody grass, from 1 to 3 M high.

The leaf has stipules oval-lanceolate, about 1 CM, a petiole of 0.8 to 3.5 CM and a limb Oblong-Lancéole, 7–10 CM Long on 2–4.5 CM wide. on a toothpack9.

The flower is lonely or in cyme by 2-3, axillary, opposed to the leaves, with oblong sepales and an Apex Long Aristé, 5 yellow petals, about as long as the sepales, more than 15 stamens on a very short upper (Androgynophore), the ovary has 5 lodges, hairy, and a glabrous style.

The fruit is a cylindrical capsule (unlike C. Capsularis, the white jute, whose capsule is globular), at 10 angles, robust, at 5-6 valves of 3–8 CM, and beak apex.

Flowering takes place in summer and fall9.

It is cultivated in the south of Europe as Plant Textile, in particular for the manufacture of canvas of jute (stem), and as food plant (leaves).

In Africa and the Middle East, it is cultivated for its use in cooking, while in Asia, it is more used as jute fibers.

In France, it was used until XVIIIe century before being abandoned.

 Contents subject to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Source : Article Potagère Corète by Wikipedia in French (Authors)

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